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Hey sis, it's Octavia!

I’m that faith-based fertility coach one YouTube who optimized her fertility and irregular cycles to get pregnant three times and I want the same & more for you!

When I started my fertility journey in 2017...

I thought it was smooth sailing as my husband and I were doing the deed without a care in the world.

But almost two years and back-to-back miscarriages went by and I knew something wasn't right.

There were so many things I didn't know...

... and just taking ovulation tests weren't cutting it. I felt like I didn't know anything about my reproductive system, even as a nurse. 

After purchasing my fair share of ovulation and pregnancy tests. I finally realized 2 things:

  1. It's not just about having the tests; it's about knowing when to use them.
  2. Arming myself with knowledge and implementing effective faith-based strategies empowered me to navigate the ups and downs of trying to conceive with Jesus. It was a game-changer that transformed my outlook and increased my chances of success.

With the help of God, I finally realized:

I needed to chart my entire cycle in order to figure out the best time for me to conceive and heal my body from the inside out. I learned my own fertility signs and was able to get pregnant with my rainbow baby within the first month of trying.

Now, I help ambitious Christian women grow in God on their journey to and through motherhood.