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Two Week Wait Devotional: Fearless Trust in God
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Two Week Wait Fertility Devotional

I get it—waiting for that precious blessing feels like an eternity. That's why I've crafted something special just for you: the Two Week Wait Fertility Devotional. It's not just an e-book; it's a comforting companion for your heart and soul during this rollercoaster of a fertility journey.

“For the past two months I’ve used your TWW Devotional and Implantation prayer plan. This month, just after being diagnosed with PCOS I conceived! Thank you so much for the guided prayers and devotional as you offer.”

Here's What's Inside:

  1. 22-Page Devotional: Dive deep into a journey of faith that's as real and raw as your emotions. This 22-page devotional speaks to your heart, offering peace, hope, and a bit of understanding during those nerve-wracking two weeks.
  2. Simple + Beautiful Branded Pages: Picture this—simple, beautiful pages that are easy on the eyes. No frills, just a calming atmosphere that makes reading a pleasure. Because, let's face it, you need a peaceful escape during this time.
  3. Printable Fertility Prayer: I've included a printable fertility prayer because sometimes words on paper can be like a warm hug. Carry it with you, stick it on your mirror, or tuck it into your journal. It's a simple prayer that speaks volumes during your conception journey.

Why Choose Our Two Week Wait Fertility Devotional?

  • Tailored for You: This devotional is like a trusted friend who gets what you're going through. It's tailored for the unique struggles of the two-week wait, because I know it's more than just a waiting game.
  • Feel-It-All Approach: I get the emotional and spiritual rollercoaster that comes with trying to conceive. This devotional isn't just about facts; it's about feelings. It's a hug in the form of an e-book.
  • Empowering Your Faith: Let's strengthen that connection with God. This devotional is like a soulful pep talk, reminding you that you're not alone in this journey and encouraging your faith to bloom.

Why this devo? Because I'm not just offering a devotional; I'm offering a virtual hand to hold during the two-week wait. Ready to turn your waiting game into a faith-filled journey with Jesus Christ?

Order your Two Week Wait Fertility Devotional today and let's sprinkle a bit of faith and hope into this adventure together. 🌟

You will get a PDF (7MB) file

What women are saying

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Perfect read for TTC journey!!! Take you through each phase, give perfect scripture, and even journal topics to help keep you focused and help you with your journey!! Perfect little book!!

— Taylor (Daily Devotional for Fertility)

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What I think helped the most was the faith challenge to get me back into the word, then the 21 day meal plan. I truly believe that got my body ready for pregnancy.

— Tangela (Daily Devo for Fertility, Healthy Fertility Course)

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I really love the product. It is really help me with my continuing my faith while ttcing

— Alaurin (Daily Devotional for Fertility)


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Avi! I can’t tell you how much you blessed us during our period of trying to conceive. My husband and I downloaded your 2 Week Wait devotional and read it together every night. You are a part of this testimony! Thank you!

— S (Two Week Wait Devotional)

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Hello! I hope this reaches you! I recently found your podcast, website, fb group all the things. I printed out the free nutrition guide that you have available for fertility! I started praying more and reading my bible and I’m so excited to say that after 13months of ttc I finally got 3 positive tests. thank you so much for your positivity and word!

— Angie (Fertility Nutrition Guide)

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I am loving the devotional you created for TWW. We are currently 9 or 10DPO. I put the verses in my husband's lunchbox everyday. Be blessed!! 

— J (Two Week Wait Devotional)

Octavia Steen

Mother Mindset help moms and future moms create healthy habits and transform their homes. Daily devotionals for women, Christian moms, and those struggling with infertility are here to encourage you on your journey!

Daily Devotional for Fertility: A Complete Implantation Guide
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Daily Devotional for Women: Fertility

Are you seeking a deeper connection with God while navigating the challenges of your fertility journey?

The Daily Devotional for Fertility is here to support you in every step of your monthly cycle, bringing you closer to our Father while empowering you with important fertility nutrition habits.

Say goodbye to discouragement and hormonal imbalances as you embrace faith and wellness hand in hand.

What's Included in this Fertility Devotional

  1. Cycle-Based Devotionals: Delve into 40 pages of inspiring devotionals meticulously crafted to guide you through each phase of your monthly cycle. From Cycle Day 1 to the two-week wait, these powerful devotionals will uplift your spirit and encourage you in the Lord throughout your fertility journey.
  2. Thought-Provoking Christian Journal Prompts: Connect with the divine through 15 guided journal prompts that help you pour your heart out to the Lord. Evaluate your cycle with a faith-based mindset, finding solace, and strength in expressing your thoughts and emotions.
  3. Fertility Foods and Recipes: Your body is a temple, and we provide you with valuable tasks to enhance your well-being during each part of your cycle. Our comprehensive guide includes a list of ideal foods to eat and exercises to complete, tailored to every phase of your cycle.
  4. Bonus Guide to Trying to Conceive: Gain insights into the trying-to-conceive process from your menstrual phase to the two-week wait. Our quick and complete guide offers valuable tips and knowledge to maximize your chances of conception.

The Daily Devotional for Fertility is a 28-day cycle-based journey that empowers you to embrace your faith and find strength in this season of your life.

Whether you are just starting your fertility journey or have faced challenges along the way, "The Daily Devotional for Fertility" is designed to be your constant source of hope, inspiration, and guidance. Embrace the power of faith, nutrition, and self-care as you nurture your body, mind, and soul.

You will get a PDF (2MB) file