How to Increase Chances of Implantation During the Two Week Wait

Implantation occurs after you’ve ovulated near the middle of your two-week wait.

6-10 days after ovulation is the estimated time of the initial implantation of an embryo. In order to increase the chances of implantation, there are a few things you can do.

During implantation, some women will experience implantation spotting or the occasional implantation cramp. 

Me, on the other hand, during my two week I received a word from the Lord. Today I want to discuss that with you. I recorded my entire TTC Journey on YouTube so here’s a transcription from my TTC Journey video in 2018.

 I also want to give you some tips to increase your chances of implantation during your two week wait! So keep on reading.






What is Implantation?

In my prayer time, I wasn’t even thinking about implantation (6DPO for me). But the Lord brought it to my heart and mind that I was in the proper window for a seed to plant. A window for a fertilized egg to embed itself.

So I looked up the definition of implantation as I was currently in my two week wait and wanted to increase implantation success!

Implantation: attachment of a fertilized egg to the lining of the uterus to grow and develop.

So I thought to myself in my prayer time… I’m in this window, this opportunity for a baby to implant itself in my uterine lining.

Get up ALL in that uterus!

I began to think about how this relates not only to my TTC Journey but also to my faith journey. 

Two Week Wait Symptoms

First of all, as an update for TTC, I haven’t really had any symptoms and I would say that is odd. Throughout my whole TTC journey (a year now) I would always have symptoms every month, yet no month has yielded a pregnancy.

So it’s weird that there are no symptoms this month. But then again, I’ve been trying to focus more on reading the bible. More on being in tune with God instead of being in tuned with my body and symptom spotting.

So I’m halfway through the two week wait and I’m not seeing many symptoms besides increased cervical mucus. But that’s about it. But then again, I haven’t been paying too much attention to it.

So I’m just in this wait, and if you’re in your two week wait, stay encouraged, we’ll get through this!

When does implantation occur after conception?

So back to implantation, there are 3 steps/stages to implantation. The first step was defined above.

  1. Attach to the uterine lining so that it can grow and develop
  2. The egg penetrates the uterine wall so that it is secure
  3. The embryo is embedded deep as it grows it is wrapped better

First it attaches, it’s just on the surface level. Then, it implants itself. It embeds itself. I just imagine it grabbin on, it’s not just laying there on the surface so it’s secure. At stage 3 the egg is not only attached but it’s deep. It’s deep in there, surrounded and wrapped so that you can have a healthy pregnancy.

I began to think about that and a parable that Jesus told in the bible:

4 While a large crowd was gathering and people were coming to Jesus from town after town, he told this parable: 5 “A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path; it was trampled on, and the birds ate it up. 6 Some fell on rocky ground, and when it came up, the plants withered because they had no moisture. 7 Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up with it and choked the plants. 8 Still other seed fell on good soil. It came up and yielded a crop, a hundred times more than was sown.” (Luke 8:4-8)

When I think about implantation I think about planting. You don’t just throw the seed on top of the ground without digging a hole first. You put it inside the hole, cover it up so that it can be secure, grow and develop.

When you plant a seed, it’s more to it than just throwing some seeds on top of some dirt.




Implantation of Faith

Always try to look at your TTC journey and how it relates to your faith in order to not get distracted. Don’t get distracted by symptom spotting, by negative tests or the two week wait.

God is planting something else inside of you. He tries to plant stuff inside of us. Purpose, Faith, Gifts…

If you look at us as the dirt and God just throws seed on top of us. He throws the word of God at us but we’re not receptive to that? That word is not going to implant itself. That word is not going to grow inside of us.

We have to be steadily digging out and getting rid of the dirt that we don’t need. Getting rid of the things that we don’t need in our lives in order to get closer to God. So He can put in that hole, that we created for Him, a seed and He can cover it up with new dirt. Fresh dirt that will help us grow, secure us and wrap us in His love.

Back to the parable:

That seed that fell on the footpath and was eaten by the birds signifies those who hear God’s word but are so easily distracted by the enemy that it immediately gets taken away.

We hear the word. We come to church on Sunday and hear the word. But then comes Sunday and the enemy is yet attacking us and we don’t stop and state the Word of God to the enemy. Fight back with scripture. Let the enemy know that we have the word inside of us. 

The word withers away until next Sunday when we go back to church.

The seed that fell in shallow soil signifies those people who have a surface level relationship with God. This seed is not deeply rooted and therefore doesn’t last long.

If you’re not continually sowing into a relationship. That relationship starts to fade away. Scripture has to be planted inside of us everyday. It needs to get deep in our heart. 

When we need the scripture in a test or trial, we forget that it’s there to help us. We immediately think “woe is me, why is this happening”. We have to remember we can go to scripture and get encouragement.

Next, the seed that fell among the thorns represents those who so easily and quickly become distracted by the worries of this world or material things that they can not produce fruit in their spiritual lives.

The thorns are the distractions. They can choke you up. The material things, worries, two week wait and negative pregnancy tests are distractions that can easily take over your life.

Your life should be taken over by God.


Fertile Ground

Lastly, the seed that fell into fertile soil is the type of seed we should aim to plant in ourselves. They sprout, they grow and they produce plentiful crops. These seeds accept God’s word, live it and produce a harvest (whatever that may be in the will of God) 100 times as much as they plant!

Remember, in stage 3 we said that the egg is embedded deep, as it grows it is wrapped better. When we’re planting in fertile ground, when we’re embedded deep in God, have the word in our heart, and live his word. 

That’s when He will give us a harvest. 

He will give us exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask or think. According to the POWER that works in us.

So if you’re TTC right now, in your two week wait, I pray that God will sow a seed inside of you. I pray that if implantation, in the realm of TTC, is in the will of God for you then I pray that you’re seed will attach, grow, develop, embed deep and be secure in your womb!




What should I eat to help implantation?

Now onto some tips to increase chances for implantation this cycle! You may be familiar with some of these methods. I’m not a doctor but I have tried most, if not all (#pregnancybrain), of the following and truly believe they assisted in implantation during the two week wait of my BFPs (positive pregnancy tests)!

Eat Pineapple Core

Pineapples are sooo beneficial for your luteal phase also known as your two week wait, the time after ovulation pending a hopeful pregnancy.

The core of a pineapple is full of a vital nutrient called bromelain which is very helpful in assisting your corpus luteum (potentially your placenta) for implantation during the two week wait.

It helps reduce inflammation in the body to provide an optimal environment for baby to thrive!

Before the TWW, I personally bought a WHOLE pineapple, cut the core out, and cut it up into 6 chunks. 

I ate the core (by itself) but if you can’t bear the toughness of it, a smoothie works fine as well. I ate 1 chunk a day starting 1 DPO until 6 DPO!

Eat Healthy Comfort Foods

Speaking of staying warm. Soup and other warm comfort foods help create that warm atmosphere in your body as well.

But make sure you’re sticking to a fertility healthy diet.  Healthy carbs and lower sugar. Crockpot chili is a great dinner choice for the two week wait.

Eat Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds assist in boosting fertility by helping your body to regulate progesterone. Progesterone is one of the most important hormones your body needs in the luteal phase (two week wait). 

Eat a handful a day or throw them in a smoothie!


How else can I increase my chances of implantation?

Keep Your Feet Warm

If you are a subscriber of my YouTube channel, you know that I LOVE my fuzzy socks. Not only because it’s SUPER cold in the winters of Indiana but because they are warm, comfortable and make me think of TTC!

I conceived Ava in the middle of the Summer and YES I still wore my fuzzy socks indoors to keep my feet warm. 

Some say that your feet are your temperature regulators. Have you ever been in bed snuggled in the cover but then become hot? You put out that one bare foot and suddenly everything is okay?

Yep, that’s how fuzzy socks work for TTC. Feet warm = body and uterus warm. Perfect environment for your little egg to snuggle close. Why do you think conception occurs so often in the winter?

Pray Daily

The two week wait doesn’t have to be stressful. Cast your cares on the Lord because he cares for you! He here’s to help you through. Poor out your heart, your desires, fears, and worries to him because you don’t have to carry anything alone. 

Speak bold fertility prayers sis!

Like I said before, if you are currently TTC and/or in your two week wait. I pray a seed to be planted in your womb. I pray that these tips will help you conceive the baby that you’ve been waiting for!


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